Mi nombre es Juan Carlos Ruiz, soy venezolano viviendo actualmente en Boston, MA. Antes de la pandemia estaba grabando mi tercer álbum musical, se trata del primer álbum de música venezolana completamente cantado en Inglés. http://vozjuancarlos.com/
En medio de pandemia, decidí entonces lanzar un single del álbum y saldrá este viernes 17 de abril. Espero sea un regalo para la comunidad, ya que la música, el humor sano, el deporte y el arte en general son medicinales o terapéuticos en esta situación.
Por otra parte, cuando me despierto de madrugada sin sueño (porque la cuarentena afecta al reloj biológico) me he puesto a componer y ayer me percaté que ya tengo las composiciones suficientes para grabar un álbum de mis propias composiciones, así que ya tengo el próximo proyecto musical.
Ha sido también un periodo de mucha colaboración entre amigos músicos y artistas.
Por otra parte, tengo una Startup de tecnología y música junto con 4 socios más y estoy haciendo demos y pich del prototipo de la primera aplicación que hemos desarrollado, con el objetivo de buscar angel investors para seguir desarrollando este emprendimiento. Se trata de un asistente virtual llamado “Ceci”. Los usuarios le pueden compartir un selfie a Ceci y ella les dirá de cuál mood se encuentran, seguidamente el usuario le indica a Ceci cuál es el mood deseado, entonces Ceci le construye un playlist basado en dos criterios simultáneamente: los gustos del usuario revelados en Spotify y el efecto en el mood, que determinamos mediante un algoritmo de machine learning desarrollado en casa.
Gracias por la oportunidad de compartir mi historia,
quedo a la orden por cualquier pregunta.

Drawn from Valor is a small, non-profit animation studio that makes short films to help explain medical and mental health issues to kids and families. We’ve recently begun an  educational program around COVID-19 that we hope will answer questions for kids, and help people feel like even with social distancing, they’re not alone. This project includes a weekly animated clip created by one of our animators that is created in partnership with a medical expert, as well as weekly prompts for our audience so they can draw along and create art with us. We are also uploading art and animated clips from our network of volunteers who help us create our animated films. The first clip will be released on our social media today and centers around the question “Will Everyone Be OK?”  
We believe that art has the power to change the world, and that is no more necessary than right now.

Stacy Dove, Drawn from Valor

We were doing a historic rep: America’s first Shakespeare’s Histories rep. 8 plays across two seasons – the first four with Richard II, Henry IV pt 1&2, and Henry V as our final show for the first season. We had been rehearsing since beginning of August 2019 and started opening one show at a time in January, rehearsing and teching the other shows throughout the run.

We had just gotten through tech week for Henry V when the virus had made it into the states. With everyday it was getting closer and more deadly. Everyone was getting scared.
We prayed we could just get to opening night.
We cancelled the other rep shows we had on schedule for that weekend, out moral responsibility, but we wanted to open that last show. Admittedly, I waited all day for my SM to text me that the show was canceled.
But they didn’t.
And we opened Henry V. Then, we closed it that night. Sent all the patrons away and had a private party amongst ourselves but it didn’t last long and it didn’t feel right.
What was supposed to be a celebration turned into a funeral of art. To be honest, I was so mad with everything and everyone that I contributed to that experience and left a bit early, which I sorely regret now…
Seven months. Seven months of the hardest work I had done in my career. Seven months of blood. Of sweat. Of tears. Of time. Of panic attacks. Of breakups. Of get togethers. Of pulling togethers. Of frustration. Of bitching. Of laughing. Of drinking. Of adoring. Of loving. Seven months. Gone, and without a fight cause their was nothing to fight.
Fortunately, for us our season was fully funded so we’ll be getting paid to May – what was left of our contracts. We hope to come back this August to do the other half of the rep and then next summer do a marathon of all 8 shows. I hold out hope but tbh I’m not sure if that will happen…
We do virtual line throughs as a way to keep our sanity… finish out the duration of the run, virtually and just for us. But it’s merely balm on the wound.
I miss the frustration. I miss the characters we had spent months with. I miss the world we built. I miss the work. I miss the love. I miss my cast mates – this close knit band of fools that I had grown accustomed to seeing everyday.

I miss everything.

I feel for everyone in our line of work who have lost jobs or had their shows canceled but this one takes the cake in pain, in my opinion. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be over what was robbed from us, and more selfishly, what was robbed from me.

Nicole, EE.UU./USA