Most of us have been laying-off from our works, without compensation and increasing the stress level beside this critical situation. Regarding the Art field, I’m really grateful to those artistic ( most of them musicians) that are giving concerts online and are trying to support our quarantine time sharing stories that help us to feel better. In my personal “situation’ I’m trying to stay calm and resilient, thinking and doing articles that could provide some insight about our “mission” as an art consultant. I’m trying to watch pending movies by the time of reading books that also consider important. I don’t know what will happen next but today is all I have and I encourage everyone to dedicate time for themself and to absorb it as gain.

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Unseen Exhibition due to COVID cancellation
Here’s a few pictures of my ongoing exhibition which opened in the mist of the COVID social distancing. Immigrant Denied: Border Elegy Hope&Loss opened March 11, 2020 at Marsh Gallery at Herron School of Art and Design
The shadows behind the work is metaphoric message of unseen and forgotten souls inside ICE detention centers nationwide. This exhibition matters now more than ever as many asylum seekers are at the most risk of contacting COVID while the evils of ICE agents continue to recklessly Hunt people down placing them in overcrowded cages. Immigrant Denied exhibit will be videotaped by PBS WFYI as a visual tour.
Thank you @jaditmire for all you do for the arts in Indianapolis always bringing the importance of social justice artists and cultural awareness to the forefront.
Upcoming Video tour coming soon, for now enjoy my larger than life intricate Papel Picado Inspired works.

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