Nostradamus’ housekeeper, the White Rose of York, grabs the Plague Doctor’s stick and hits him with it. Photo credit: Steampunked Stories

I have founded a DC non-profit arts organization called Steampunked Stories. We did live shows on local stages until the virus struck. We also tell our stories on Facebook:  We feature a different steampunk-styled story each month, with 365 pictures a year. This month’s online story is “Nostradamus vs. the Plague Doctor.” I have made several trips to the south of France to study the life of the famous 16th century prophet and herbalist. In my story I discuss Nostradamus’ specific herbal concoction to “cure” the plague and how that compares with treatment used by local plague doctors. The steampunk community enjoys stories that feature the plague doctors with their strange bird-like masks, their leather beaks filled with herbs. 

Tom Howell Executive Director Steampunk Stories, Inc., EE.UU./USA