I’m very fortunate to be an artist who is still able to work, teaching arts administration in higher education. Our program is also fortunate to have quite a bit of expertise in teaching online, so that this experience of converting all content to distance learning isn’t so jarring.

I do, however, find myself missing my student orchestra and the music-making that can only happen in person. No one has cracked the code on holding a synchronous music rehearsal via video conferencing. There are some work-arounds, but nothing that mimics the real thing.

I’m grateful for my two small children, who keep my wife and I busy, entertained, and (most importantly) distracted!

My thoughts are consistently with those for whom the rug has been absolutely pulled out from underneath their feet – those who gig for a living. I hope this stimulus bill helps them in the ways that it should.

Travis Newton, EE.UU./USA