Like many of us, I wear many hats — performer, teacher, administrator, writer, consultant. It has been important to me to reach out to others in my community (classical singing). First, I put together an online meeting to offer guidelines for avoiding the feeling of overwhelm and organizing time efficiently while working from home. Next, I reached out to colleagues in my field and have put together an online summer training program for young opera artists. Amn of them have had their spring productions and recitals canceled at school, as well as the summer programs they were planning on attending. We’ve had an amazing response so far from people offering their help. My own summer program, Spotlight on Opera, is still scheduled to happen live, but we are planning an online version of the program if it becomes necessary to continue social distancing. On a personal level, I lost a singing contract and several voice students who were either unwilling to continue with online lessons or afraid to spend money in these uncertain times. Being unemployed and in grad school at the moment (pursuing an MFA in Arts Administration), this is of course unnerving and scary. I’m getting a little bit of unemployment, but this money was helping and now it’s gone.

Submitted by Cindy Sadler, contralto, Founder + Executive Director, Spotlight on Opera